Herbalife: A Successful Business Model for Latinos or a Predatory Pyramid Scheme?

It is early Sunday morning and hundreds of Hispanics are flocking to the streets of downtown Los Angeles. They are not attending a comprehensive immigration reform rally or a Latino music festival; they are getting geared up to exercise, not only their bodies but their minds. With green bottles in hand containing a daily nutritional regimen of shakes, aloe juice, or tea while others consume protein bars and all for the commitment to the parent company, Herbalife, and the many economic benefits they can collect if they become successful distributors.

We cannot demonize successful business ventures and business models that provide income and entrepreneurship opportunities for our people, simply because not every person that gets involved succeeds.

– Rafael Fantauzzi

It’s the annual Herbalife Latin Extravaganza, a typical distributor’s conference in the likes of MillerCoors, IBM, Mary Kay, and McDonalds. Only difference is that Latinos run these conferences. Yes, Latinos are in charge.

Why? Simple. Herbalife has succeeded at something that quite a few companies, and the Federal government for that manner, have failed, and that is to achieve real Hispanic inclusion. Hispanics make up at least 60 percent of Herbalife’s direct selling workforce – better known as distributors.

Hispanic consumers and workers are an integral part of this industry. In a 2013 Second Quarter earnings report, Herbalife reported that its South and Central America volume grew 33 percent and Mexico reporting an 8 percent increase in year over year volume. North America, which includes Puerto Rico, reported an 11 percent volume increase during the same period.

As President of the National Puerto Rican Coalition (NPRC) and a Board member of the Hispanic Association for Corporate Responsibility (HACR), I had been lobbied heavily by groups that portrayed Herbalife as pure monsters, who were taking advantage of innocent Latinos. Our organization was approached to discuss Herbalife and join a group that had already requested a full investigation by the Federal Trade Commission. At the epicenter of these allegations is well known hedge fund manager Bill Ackman, CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, who bet that Herbalife stock would collapse if a federal investigation is launched. 

But I know there are always two sides to a story, so I requested a meeting with Herbalife corporate executives and its distributors. I wanted to confirm allegations that Herbalife was “a pyramid scheme that preys on the Latino community.”

As a guest of the corporation, I was given an all “access pass” to a company culture that promotes self-improvement in order to achieve economic empowerment and nutritional wellness. Herbalife’s culture might resemble a cult to some but to the people that I spoke to, Herbalife is not only a source of income but a source of work-life balance. Carla, a USC graduate from Los Angeles said, “I can do the business part-time or give it all I got and the outcome is the same, I’m gaining control of my life.”

But aside from this visit to Herbalife, I decided to do my research. Multi-level marketing companies are becoming more attractive to Hispanics with different educational backgrounds because of the lack of job opportunities or progress in the traditional marketplace. In addition, direct selling offers a unique flexibility for families that are juggling with the realities of life. But let’s be honest, not everybody is caught up to be a salesperson. It is clear to all the people I’ve spoken to that you reap your rewards if you work hard at selling and how to become an advocare distributor at building your down-line network, that is the foundation of American entrepreneurship. I’m a firm believer that Hispanics are smart enough to ascertain risk.

The big problem I see is that the critics of Herbalife and multi-level marketing companies are confusing business ventures with a welfare program. They assume that everyone must have equal outcomes, not just equal opportunity. If individuals want to become distributors/salesmen for these companies, their compensation and reward is based on the results of their effort. A worker that dedicated time and sweat and achieved high sales and promotions should be rewarded. His/her compensation should not be equal to that of an individual who did not put much effort or thought into this venture. Plain and simple, this is a business, not a charity. And if, as community advocates, we are going to demonize every company that rewards success over mediocrity, then we are not advocates for our communities, we are simply advocates of dependency and failure.  And that is not the kind of future I want for my two girls. 

During my visit, I met a young man from Puerto Rico named Jonathan. Jonathan had worked in fast food and several other retail type jobs that required him to work long hours with very few opportunity for a promotion. Acknowledging that education was his way out, he became a registered nurse. After graduating he secured a job in the neonatal intensive care unit at a major hospital institution on the Island. But even with his education and the remarkable job, he had no quality of life. It was then that a family member exposed him to Herbalife’s nutritional products and the chance to improve his financial outlook. Jonathan is now a very successful Herbalife distributor and is making a difference in other people’s lives. 

As the battle lines on this fight continue to be drawn, I encourage my colleagues, politicians, and the rest of corporate America to look closely at how multi-level marketing companies are transforming the emerging majority demographic of America, Hispanics.

In our capitalistic system, there will always be winners and losers. Our organizations should be on the look-out for predators. But we cannot demonize successful business ventures and business models that provide income and entrepreneurship opportunities for our people, simply because not every person that gets involved succeeds. Let us allow our community to explore the capital system openly and trust that they know when to spot a “limón”.


Rafael A. Fantauzzi is the President & CEO of the National Puerto Rican Coalition (NPRC) and a Board Member of the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR).   

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Rain gutter Cleaning could assist maintain your home in great shape this Spring

No matter where you live, home maintenance chores involve a great several projects– some harder than others. Relying on the time offered for them, many home owners spread repair and upkeeping tasks throughout the year. This prevents having way too many jobs end up being immediate aggravations at one time. In taking care of several of the much more important maintenance tasks, nonetheless, the property owner might disregard one essential job that requires normal interest: cleansing out the gutter hanging merely under the eaves around the residence in Racine

The primary function of gutter, naturally, is to capture rainfall rivuleting down the slope of the roof, and route it right into below ground tanks or right into loosened gravel purposely layered just below the surface area of the ground. Without rain gutters, the rainfall will cascade straight off the eaves and create puddles alongside your home. In times of heavy or prolonged rains, this water can gravitate along the structure of your house and even maybe leakage right into the crawl space or basement. Standing water open to the elements also offers an outstanding breeding ground for mosquitoes.See more at gutter cleaning in Racine Facebook

In order for the gutters to do effectively, the homeowner has to cleanse them out at normal periods. Tree leaves or needles, dirt and even various other sort of debris that build up in the rain gutters can trigger severe issues, several of which could confirm extremely very difficult to deal with. If the rain gutters have downspouts, as an example, these could come to be so plugged with product as to create the rain gutters to overflow. To correct this circumstance likely would imply getting rid of and taking apart the downspouts to cleanse them out.

“No matter where you live, home upkeep duties entail a great several tasks– some a lot more tough compared to others.”

Late autumn, prior to the start of winter months climate, is a specifically vital time for gutter system upkeep. To allow the rain gutters continue to be filled with fragments right now could threaten the roof material along the eaves. Water that backs up under the shingles and ices up could harm them and possibly reveal the roofing to the potentiality of leakages. This makes a pre-winter tidy out of rain gutter systems a must-do project.

See all 2 pictures

Rain gutter cleaning can show a somewhat messy procedure. Heavy-duty, flexible plastic gloves will certainly safeguard the hands and also fingers, the finest “devices” to use in cleaning up out the gutters. Utilize a sturdy ladder to set versus the rain gutters to clean them out instead compared to trying to do this from the roof covering. If feasible, have a 2nd person assistance by steadying the ladder against motion. Avoid stretching past the limits of the ladder to remove particles from the gutter systems. Station a wheelbarrow close to the ladder and also decrease handfuls of the particles right into it.

A well-maintained rain gutter system secures your home versus damages and even keeps the ground location clean as well as dry for gutter cleaning services

A house evaluation might not be exactly what you think

A house evaluation has many various definitions to different people for a variety of factors. This significance is different for vendors, customers, realty brokers, loan providers, lawyers, as well as others who have a partnership with the home assessment industry and the process. The goal of our business Ann Arbor home inspector in creating this file or article is to inform the home buyer or the customer in the particulars of a house examination and how we watch and also conduct them. Basically, a residence examination is among several due diligence evaluations.

The primary goal of any type of trustworthy examination company is to represent their clients interests only and to aid them recognize and even create a so much more true and also accurate picture of the problems of the evaluated home. More about how much do home inspectors make As a result of the varying assumptions of our customers there are many variables which will mirror on the correct interpretation as well as top quality of the assessment record. One of the most essential variables we are interested in are as adheres to:

(a) What the potential house assessment client expects.

(b) What the major problems of the residence inspection client are in order to why they want an evaluation.

(c) And the recognizing a residence inspection client needs to what a home inspection is and requires.

Did you know: how to become a home inspector in texas

The inspector as well as the house evaluation customer require to bring these products into a proper emphasis together. If effective the client will certainly have a much better suggestion and photo of the inspector’s objective and even they will really feel more comfortable recognizing the assessor understands particular items that worry the client. As a result of this meeting of the minds the customer will receive a better understanding of the home problem as well as the value of the assessment.

The goal of a residence evaluation is and must be to aid determine deficiencies which would be of a material passion impacting a customer’s interest in the building in just what ever means feasible. Generally the examiners approach and feature is not to seek issues in typical wear and even tear conditions however to be unbiased in the assessment. A house assessment is not a technical or extensive type record or evaluation because around 30 various parts will be reviewed during an average four hour examination period. This is an average of much less than 10 mins per component.

A home evaluation is additionally not a termite credit report which is normally done under different conditions as well as specifications, nevertheless their existence could be reported on. The residence examination is not a credit report to determine 100 percent conformity with city government structure code requirements also though some components or needs might be assessed from this perspective. The length of any sort of house inspection credit report will certainly rely on numerous variables ranging from examiner, business, requirements, customer requirements, or style of credit record. The typical examination file can be a list, narrative, dental, or a mix there of layout.

Customers requesting a basic house assessment do so primarily since they are considering making a significant economic dedication to purchase a home or residence. There are other factors for getting a house inspection yet this is the primary factor the majority of the time. The customer is interested in understanding about problems provide that could suggest existing or possible future troubles with your house or house. The acquisition of a house is an emotional experience and even is generally an individual’s largest acquisition throughout their life time. Often this commitment to purchase is made within a short time frame which can be stressful. The residence buyer generally recognizes this emotional experience as well as understandingly is worried about troubles that could possibly create excessive and even unfortunate repair works, expenditure, and suffering in the future. They are usually worried due to the fact that they are on a spending plan and even recognize that some troubles can decrease the worth of the home as it currently exists. A purchaser or the customer must not confuse these conditions with the little points observed after relocating in. There is no perfect house but there are numerous good solid residences making residence ownership very satisfying.

Also though a residence inspection is not or could not be just what you have recently assumed it was, it is necessary. It assesses framework quality and reports on a number of items or parts within the structure that the client could never ever have also thought about prior to the evaluation. It is an academic device as well as aids the customer in their decision to buy. The inspection is made to evaluate the house in basic yet likewise to determine and also red flag those things having or being possible potential issues. It is based just on the opinion and also aesthetic monitorings of the assessor in most typical instances. The file will for example aesthetic conditions particularly when they are a major aspect adding to an issue or condition that is uncommon and not common for its problem. These conditions usually have actually already been considered be the customer prior to consulting with the house inspector.

The more a customer understands and understands will enable him/her to make a far better choice as well as decide whether to stroll away from the acquisition or to finish the acquisition. Essentially, an evaluation will certainly save the customer or residence buyer money and time in unexpected repair services. It is well worth the cost to obtain an inspection if you do not really feel comfy purchasing without the inspection. It is a 2nd point of view by an experienced expert.

The customer is asked to remember that no residence is excellent as well as any kind of house, existing or new might have a condition worth reporting on. There is consistently a danger of repairs in the house buying procedure. Often the examiner has no concept just what the clients intentions are in the direction of the commercial property. People acquire commercial property for a number of factors whether they are first time purchasers, prior owners, or capitalists. Their knowledge degree is diverse and also unidentified. As a result of these sorts of purchasers and unidentified variables like needs, situations, constraints, as well as other matters it is hard to recognize the expectations of a client in an evaluation record as well as the assessment itself. The customer should analyze his/her intents, plans, as well as expectations for the property as well as make certain the inspector understands them for the very best outcomes. This info will certainly assist the examiner that can guide you with info as it relates to your demands.

The residence assessment industry has a number or organizations who approve their participants. In some states residence inspections are controlled to various degrees. It is my belief nonetheless that nobody entity could design a collection of specifications to protect ALL purchasers as well as residential properties under ALL conditions and even situations. YOU MUST ACT TO PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS during the home evaluation procedure. You make the decision. Please make use yourself to the inspector’s expertise.

The last factor I would to discuss is why evaluations are not performed according to your local building codes. The major factor is that basic residence examinations are not the very same sort of inspection as a building regulations assessment. Compliance with the many various sorts of codes is the obligation of the regional court assessor. They normally insure that certain elements are mounted correctly after the issuance of a structure authorization. There are several communities that have not embraced a building regulations and even a property maintenance code. The policies, rules, and needs are several and also varied in the different jurisdictions of each city, town, region, and even state.

While many home inspectors have some code understanding and even check to some specification using the different building regulations demands, we are much more worried about the proper feature of elements, bad design techniques, hazardous problems, do it your self property owner setup issues, property maintenance concerns, the recognition of matters that could possibly cause the client issues, as well as as a whole to inspect and even report on those products where maintenance has actually been delayed which you might not have actually taken into consideration. In any kind of occasion the building regulations are continuously changing and also the possibilities of any sort of framework conforming one hundred percent are basically nil. If your home is non compliant for sure products it does not indicate your home is defective or hazardous. A home can not fail a house examination due to the fact that a house evaluation is just an analysis and second opinion of the condition of different elements within the framework. Simply put, the customer has to choose just what specifications and even conditions are acceptable to them about whether they will certainly purchase or otherwise to purchase the residential property.

Finally, home buyers or the customers who do not really feel certain sufficient to examine the subject property must seriously think about having an inspection by an experienced assessor. If you should decide to have a knowledgeable assessor conduct the examination, please see to it the inspector recognizes your problems, purposes, and also home plans to profit fully from the evaluation. Do not be worried to ask questions as well as do not be shamed to ask any kind of concern. As a purchaser you must allocate and even anticipate to make repairs and even do regular maintenance on a house after purchasing. There are lots of parts within a structure that are on a normal cycle of breaking, searching for maintenance, or might lapse.

Please keep in mind that residence evaluations are carried out to spot prospective issues as well as not to satisfy compliance to any sort of code or controlling criteria. The residence acquiring process is still a caveat emptor situation and even house examinations are a consumer item. The residence inspection is and even should be conducted to aid the customer. The variable’s in between house assessors, inspection credit reports, residences, house conditions, specific elements, capabilities and even skills, and even the individuals entailed are lots of and also many. We believe personal attention safeguards your passions the ideal.

As you know an inspection usually for example an evaluation of the site problems, foundation, superstructure, roof covering as well as elements, plumbing systems (water supply, sanitary disposal, and also gas supply), home heating systems, electric system, ventilation systems, energy burning devices, and other itemized components. If you are brand-new to own a home or have little understanding of the parts in a residence or structure please recognize that you will be obtaining a bunch of details in a really brief time frame. It is extremely typically overwhelming, misunderstood, or misunderstood by the buyer or customer. I urge you to evaluate slower and also depend on people you trust while making this crucial decision. I can tell you from experience that if I show the exact same record to ten clients they will certainly all interpret it in different ways and draw presumptions that may or otherwise have been reported. As shown over you will certainly have to choose which standards and even conditions serve to you. If you should speak with a specialist pertaining to any individual component please do. If you should acquire quotes from professionals for repair works or remodeling prior to your acquisition then I urge you to do so. This choice and also procedure is essential as well as having as much details as feasible is to your advantage as well as it will either make you more comfortable with the purchase or increase a red flag advising you there could be a trouble.

I wish this post or report has actually been of support to you as well as I desire you the very best in the residence purchasing process. Own a home is quite gratifying as well as is recommended. I can ensure you, you will increase your understanding throughout your own a home and also you will certainly know a lot more on each house you get.

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